SD-Cup Rules

1: You may only fish with tackle from OGP and from OG LURES.
2: You may only fish on the Danish coasts and fjords and where there is access to salt water.
3: Fishing in freshwater and rivers and "put and take" may not be done.
4: Largest fish in cm must count. Are there 2 identical fish of cm. Then the admin decides which one has priority.
5: It is allowed to postpone.
6: All submitted catch photos etc. To be put up in 3 albums. The photo must be taken as described the evening before the cup start.
7: Admin decision is always valid.
8: 1 sea trout prize package can be won per participant card.
9: Valid fishing license a good idea.
10: Minimum measurement is 45 cm.
11: All sea trout count.
12: Fishing from a boat, floating ring, canoe, etc. is not allowed.
13: You must be a member of the SD group to participate. Unless otherwise agreed with admin.
14: All fishing grounds must be accessible to everyone. There must be public access.
15: Deliberate cheating results in expulsion from various Facebook groups.
16: German participants can buy tickets at DS angelsport.
17: More fish and photos must be submitted. Biggest fish in cm takes over.
18: Purchased participation cards cannot be transferred to others after 15/09/2023.
19: Several prize packages can be won per participant card, photo of the day, Open by-catch, Participant raffle.
20: GLS postage is at the prize recipient's own expense, standard price of DKK 56 for DK deliveries.
21: You may fish at the same time at other fishing cups.
22: Sea trout must not have been slaughtered. They must be fresh and have bright eyes.
23: Sea trout must not have been frozen.
24: All prize packages cannot be exchanged for cash or str.
25: Photo of sea trout must be taken clearly.. if you catch a top fish, video is a good idea and an advantage.
26: the fish must be hooked in front of the gills.

The spinning bass
The knife
The Gottland Arrow
The flat buck
The screw
The nail
The priest
The scam
Other through-holes and wobblers painted by OGP.

Participation fee DKK 250 per participation card excl. shipping with GLS for the prize winners. Paid via webshop: SD Cup
We are looking forward to a blast from Denmark's BIGGEST FISHING EVENT.