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This webshop has been created in connection with Snurrebassen's Disciple annual SD-Cup,

with the aim of making registration for the annual SD-Cup easier for everyone in Denmark and abroad

The webshop has no members, there are only members on the FaceBook group Snurrebassens Disciple

The prerequisite for being able to buy a ticket for the SD-Cup is that you are a member of the FaceBook group

Snurrebassen's Disciple FB group was established in autumn 2015, by Asbjørn Hansen, with a focus on passers from OGP

There were 99 entries for the first SD-Cup

The largest SD-Cup was in 2021 with 360 registered participants


Then continued in collaboration with Lars and Kasper, to be taken over by TT (Thomas Teichert) in 2018

Since April 2023, I (Bo Teichert) have taken over the group, in order to continue it in the same good spirit, with a focus on OGP through


Ole Gregersen and OGP support the SD-Cup and in his spirit we will try to preserve this unique DK-produced OGP pass-through product


On behalf of the Disciples of Snurrebassen


If you need help or want to reach out to us, you can fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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